Says it all. Adventures of a first time mom with her ever growing little boy named Ziggy. Doing this to chronicle our little boy's life and to share whatever I can to other moms. I know it's always helpful hearing firsthand experiences from other moms, this is my part :)

Monday, September 08, 2008

Curiosity burned the hand..

I mean it literally.

My little one was hanging out with one of my sisters who was chatting with our house helper, who was ironing clothes (lol -- that's a long string).

Ziggy is definitely aware that there are certain things he shouldn't touch or go to because they're dangerous. He knows what dangerous means now.

For some reason he really wanted to test our warnings so while the iron was idle, put upright, he decided to GRAB it!

Oh the wailing and whining is endless!

He has burnt all but one finger in his right hand, they're not too big but they hurt for a 4-year old of course. Since it's been a long time we've had a kid burnt (lol that didn't sound right) I didn't know exactly what the right thing to do.

There was my mom to the rescue with her "magic toothpaste" remedy. For some reason that's the first aid I've gotten used to while growing up only finding out later on in my adult life that it's actually not a good idea. It might worsen the burn or infect it.

Soon as I got my son I placed his hand under running water --- NOT ICE! I learned that the hard way :p The water washed away my mom's magic toothpaste remedy and calmed the little one a bit. But of course nothing takes away the pain of burnt skin. I scrambled for first aid instructions online but unfortunately, there really isn't any remedy for it but running water for about 5 minutes and well, leaving it alone.

Good thing we had ibuprofen for kids so somehow it alleviated the pain, match that with a disney animated movie and sooner rather than later, he's forgotten the pain.

We wrapped his hand in gauze loosely and he fell asleep soon. the following day, there were no more complaints, he was actually playing happily already.

ahhh kids. You can keep warning them but they will always have that urge -- curiousity.

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Friday, September 05, 2008

Missing being Pregnant

For a few months already I've been seeing or hearing news about friends and family getting pregnant. I suddenly missed that feeling. It's such a wonderful feeling.

I know that right now I'm in the middle of a marital dilemma/problem/situation, and it's definitely not wise to be having a child (in any means!) right now. For some reason, after about 2 years of my husband asking me for a baby girl (and me saying no for a lot of different reasons), I'm the one who wants one and well he's the one who doesn't even know if he wants to stay :(

What are the odds.... :(

Everytime I see a little girl, especially since my little kiddo started going to school, and I keep seeing little girls running around in cute little dresses with their bouncy black, brown or blonde curly locks with all the possible cuteness in the world ... i have been sooo yearning for one!

I have been craving for some peace and quiet around the house because this little boy's becoming well.. a BOY. Rowdy, noisy, unpredictable, imaginative and unstoppable!

I know girls can be very much the same, but well...i know they won't be as unstoppable. :p If she takes on MY genes.. hahah my son obviously took on his dad's genes and everything else, save for my eyes.

*sigh* when will God bless us with a better marriage and a little girl. I'm praying for the first one first.. obviously :p

your prayers or whatever you do to wish for things to happen are also welcome! :p

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